Renovated and re-opened under new ownership in 2019, The Carringbush Hotel serves the very best vegan and vegetarian pub fare.   Now lighter and brighter whilst still retaining a classic pub feel, the focus on sustainability brings the pub to the forefront of environementally conscious drinking and dining. The pub is currently serving takaway food and drinks, and offering delivery, with a view to having sit down customers from June 1.



The Carringbush Hotel

226-228 Langridge St, Abbotsford

Takeaway coffee: 11am 'til 4pm 7 days

Takeaway food and booze: midday 'til 8pm 7 days

Home delivered food and booze (Abbosford, Collingwood, Fitzroy): 4pm 'til 8pm 7 days

Phone: 9191 0149

Follow: @thecarringbushhotel /


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