Tune in to State of the Art on Wednesday April 29 to hear an interview with artist Bec Smith, as she talks about her practice and what music inspires her whilst she works.

At secondary school and university Bec Smith undertook both Art and Design, and has dedicated her whole career to these disciplines. She has worked both in Australia and overseas for over 20 years as a digital designer, including a stint at BBC Radio 6 in London,  and during this time she has always practiced art.

She has painted colour-study portraits of her colleagues, co-created an installation for the Melbourne Design Festival, kept visual journals, and painted artworks for friends’ walls. She has  always stayed particularly interested in abstract, expressionist, non-objective, and colourfield paintings from the early part of the last century – a natural extension of a designer’s grounding in the early design language of the Bauhaus.


Bec Smith

State of the Art, Wednesday April 29

8am on The Breakfast Spread