This week on State of the Art, Tara and Latai from the Arts House's latest show, Refuge, join Nick & Beth to talk about the piece and it's takeover this Saturday.

From hurricanes to heatwaves, recent global events have shown the need for cities to continue to plan and prepare for extreme climate events. An urgent and critical global problem cities face is how to prepare for, adapt to and recover from such events, particularly in a way that is humane, dignified and equitable.

This Saturday November 11 the Arts House will transform into an Emergency Relief Centre, bringing together artists, local communities and the emergency and health sectors to prepare for the imminent impacts of climate change.

Home to Arts House, the North Melbourne Town Hall is one of 18 Emergency Relief Centres in the City of Melbourne that may be used during a climate related event such as a heatwave or flood.

As Melbourne’s hub of contemporary and experimental art, Arts House will bring together artists, emergency services, scientists, First Nations elders and community to collaborate and rehearse what a creative response to an extreme climate event could look like.

This year Refuge will explore the increasing possibility of a heatwave – five consecutive days over 40°C – where seven artists will innovatively participate and respond to the running of an Emergency Relief Centre.

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