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Performer Drive Winners 2019

Transitions - Performer Drive Winners 2019.jpg

Thanks to all the performers who joined us this February for our Performer Drive! You're supporting a vital voice of Melbourne's music community, and we're excited to have you as part of our music loving family.

Only one artist wins the massive prize pack, and this year it was Melbourne post punk band Transitions, who joined up to Sunglasses After Dark!

They've won:

• 50 x custom T-shirts printed for your band courtesy of SoundMerch
• 50 x tote bags with your design from While You Sleep screen-printing
• CD duplication worth $1000 courtesy of the team at Implant Media
• 100 x 7" vinyl record pressing, with colour lables, disco sleeves and test pressing from Zenith Records
• Production of your very own music video to the value of $2.5K by the gang at Trade Creative
• 10 x Cases of Mountain Goat Beer
• Plus a PBS on-air sponsorship campaign

Keep an eye and an ear out for what Transitions do over the next year with this huge kick starter prize pack!

If you're still interested in becoming a Performer Member you can join us at any time! You'll still receive the massive benefit of having your name read out weekly on your favourite show. Visit us here to become a member, or give us a call on 03 8415 1067.

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