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Laughing Clowns: From the PBS Vault

Laughing Clowns Image2.jpg

Thursday 15 November 2018

PBS proudly presents this restored archival recording from the PBS Vault – a live set from Laughing Clowns, recorded at the Seaview Ballroom on 12th September 1981.

On the eve of The Aints! National tour for their album The Church of Simultaneous Existence and the 40th anniversary of The Saints third album Pre-historic Sounds, PBS would like to revisit this incredible live recording from another one of Ed Kuepper’s seminal bands, Laughing Clowns.

Listen back to Sunglasses After Dark on Thursday November 15 to hear this exclusive live recording from PBS’ extensive tape archive with commentary from Ed Kuepper.

Listen to the From the Vault special
From the Vault Special + commentary
That’s the Way it Goes
Collapse Board
Knife in the Head
Come One Come All
In Front of Your Eyes

Restored by Gil Matthews 2012
Interview and editing by Lisa Gibbs Additional production by Alicia Saye 2018

Hard 'n' Heavy

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