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Jamaican Music & Food Festival

Jamaican Music & Food Festival 18

Sunday 11 November 2018

The Jamaican Music & Food Festival (JMFF) is a one-day celebration of like-minded Jamaican music and food fans of all ages who come together to experience one glorious day of reggae, dub, rocksteady and dancehall music in the Australian summer.

Soundtracked against this backdrop, the very best DJs, artists and live music the
country has to offer, the Jamaican Music & Food Festival has become a benchmark for the best performance inspired by and straight out of Jamaica.

2018’s robust lineup includes performances by veteran ragga DJ and producer, General Levy (UK), global dub queen Systa BB, PBS’s top soundmen Rick Howe, Jessie I and Mohair Slim, Reggae, Dubstep and Jungle MC Parly B (UK), the Osaka selector DJ Yuki (Japan) and even more international artists soon to be announced.

Reggae fans can get their fill of mouth-watering street food favourites from authentic
jerk chicken grilled on smoking hot barrels, to the juiciest patties, to vegan and
vegetarian street food.

Join JMFF for one more magical afternoon, celebrating Melbourne’s unique mix of culture and soak up the love and unity at the Jamaica Music & Food Festival in the unique surrounds of Seaworks, Williamstown in the heart of Hobsons Bay.

Tickets on sale now via the website with the full line-up being announced soon.

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