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Dead Format II

Dead Format II 2018

Friday 14 September 2018

DEAD FORMAT II is a risograph exhibition, showcasing twenty-four Australian illustrators. Each artist will create a piece specifically for risograph printing based on the phrase “dead format” which will then be lovingly produced by print powerhouse Helio Press!

Artists include:
Aaron Billings / Ashley Ronning / Ben Baker / Ben Constantine / Calliope Bridge / Caitlin Shearer / Carla McRae / Cass Urquhart / Charlotte Allingham / Chris Hutchinson / Chris Yee / Emily Kate Hicks / Esther Sandler / Gemma Flack / Lori Camarata / Melissa Grisancich / Michael Hawkins / Murdoch Stafford / Niqui Toldi / Phoebe Paradise / Ruby Knight / Sam McKenzie / Sophie Beer / Tori-Jay Mordey

Accompanying the art is a night of punks-not-dead-format rock. Dole-punk dreamboats PAPPY, riso-pink pals Eat-Man, tools-down tinnies-up for The Tool Time House Band and brand new kids on the block Sheep!

Head to the Facebook event page to register your interest here.


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