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Friday 1 December 2017 - Sunday 3 December 2017

DOG SHOW is a theatrical competition that mimics the structure of the competitive canine world.

It’s a game, an experience, a full on shit fight where theatrical rules are challenged. Move seats, Leave your phones on, get loud and vote. Yes, vote for your fave pedigree dog.

Three performers become dogs AND the humans who run circles around them. Don’t drop your guard; with the story changing as the competition tightens, animal and human are likely to snap!

Tighten the leash and don’t fuck it up.

Three performers become dogs AND the humans who run circles around the, Jazz Drummer Alex Roper will live score the action.

Created & directed by Cassandra Fumi
Created and performed by Tom Halls, Simone French & Alex Roe
Producer: Natalie Smith
Image by Sarah Walker

Tickets are $15 and they are available here.

From 1-3 December at La Mama Courthouse


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