Thu 24 Nov 2016

In a series of short daytime talks, You Don’t Know Me uncovers the off-centre obsessions, surprising passions and all-consuming hobbies of high profile figures who are well known for something else entirely.

On the 24th of November Nayuka Gorrie is talking all things Blerd Culture. In public, Nayuka Gorrie has emerged as a passionate young Aboriginal activist and writer, primarily concerned with black politics and feminism. She’s written incisively on topics such as her evolving views about constitutional recognition, performed her work at Women of Letters and works in the youth not-for-profit sector as a program manager.

The natural question to ask is: what TV is she into?

As it happens, she’s a freak for Firefly. What resonates about Joss Whedon’s ill-fated 2002 sci-fi series – later transposed into the film Serenity? What does it say about resistance and authority, women and space?

In the wake of the multinational TV series Cleverman – a groundbreaking series marrying Indigenous mythology with dystopian futurism, just aired on the ABC – Gorrie will also talk about the growing momentum behind ‘blerd’ (black plus nerd) culture.

More info here.