A fiendishly talented sextet of horns, strings and drums, The Woohoo Revue have forged their reputation throughout Australia as a festival favourite with their signature sound and an adrenalin-fuelled celebration fit for dancing, drinking, and ignoring tomorrow. Their fiery compositions and virtuosic musicianship invoke a sense of romance and bravado. Every song expresses a sense of occasion, transporting the listener to a rampaging after-party at a circus sideshow in a palatial ballroom.

Imagine yourself as the star of a technicolour movie surrounded by Hellzapoppin’ dancers swinging a Charleston two step, a 1920’s speakeasy in a fantasy setting where all your wildest dreams come true. You find yourself dancing a loose waltz, being thrust into dangerous spins by laughing friends and as your troubles wash away, a tall dark stranger takes you in their embrace and moves you gracefully, elegantly through a passionate tango. Without warning, a Dixieland street party erupts, you link arms for a circle dance, you clap, you shout, you feel alive. You are transported by The Woohoo Revue and you will love them for it.

Recorded at Sing Sing Studios with Adam Rhodes of Cat Empire fame, The Woohoo Revue’s second album Moreland’s Ball is an album of instrumental tunes inspired by the dance-floors of the world.

Imagine if you will, a well worn and wildly decadent ballroom scene, plush velvet curtains and ornate fixtures carved in beautiful hard woods. The thick red carpet on the imperial staircase is soft under foot as you make your way up to the viewing platforms and theatre boxes. The room is filled with people in elaborate costumes becoming enchantingly transformed with animal-like qualities, wings and tails, hoofs and scales. Some of guests invited by Moreland to his party include “Van Boldrin”, “R’ambo”, “The Goose, The Moose & The Boose” and “Espaneasca”, who are losing motor function in every conceivable direction to the unmistakeable sounds of The Woohoo Revue.

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