Whitesploitation are jazz educated, rock motivated and bound together by a penchant for fearless experimentation. The five members met at the Monash School of Music, where similar musical influences were discovered. Aligned with this was a shared desire to fuse the raw energy of their favourite teenhood rock bands with the modern jazz hum of their stomping ground, Fitzroy. From a genre orgy of electronic, classical and film music, jazz, punk, prog and post rock, the Whitesploitation sound was born.

Since 2005 the Whites have played at festivals, clubs and parties around Melbourne to audiences both mainstream and avant-garde. During a Whitesploitation performance, original pieces are interwoven with visceral improvisations from the subtle to the extreme. Their compositions are ever-evolving and always subject to re-arrangement in the studio and various jamming dungeons. This unique art has been honed since the bands humble beginnings in the realm of academia.

With producer Damien Charles (Red Eyes, Blue King Brown), "The Whites" have captured the experience of their live shows for their 2nd studio album, Man on Fire. Synergised by tight, finely crafted arrangements, they explore improvised corridors through their compositions. Listeners will be presented with truly modern post-jazz, post-rock soundscapes.

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