Tue 29 Sep 2020 to Wed 30 Sep 2020

There are a lot of players at a community radio station: volunteers, listeners, members, musicians and a whole lot more. It's not often that we get to look back at the contribution and impact these different groups have had at PBS over time, but they have shaped (and continue to shape) PBS into the station we know and love. 

So while things are a bit quiet at the station and around town, PBS is taking the opportunity to shine a light on some of the historical and rare material from deep within the station's Waves (1977-1988) and Static (1989) magazine archives. As we discovered while researching the 40 Years of PBS book, this collection of magazines provides a wonderful look back at the art, music and culture of PBS' community from its formation and throughout the early years. 

In a series of articles over the coming weeks, we'll be publishing selections of classic content, from interviews to artwork, and of course the ads. Even before PBS was a fully licensed station, it had amazing support from businesses in our community, and so we felt a great way to kick off this series was to look back through these fantastic time capsule ads. And like any hardcore PBS fan, we believe there’s no better place to start than the record shops. Please enjoy this first edition of Waves Revisited.


The first ad – a call out for classifieds 
Waves August 1979 



Time to zoom in to the 1980’s with Missing Link
Waves August 1980 


Waves June 1981


A place where you can get sewing machines, overlockers, and records
 Waves March/April 1983


Synthesizers are in
Waves August/September 1984


Criminal Records
Waves December/January 1985 


A full page of ads
Waves December/January 1982


Footscray and Collingwood represent!
Waves, February/March 1986 


A new record shop opens in the heart of the city 
Waves December /January 1986 


One door closes, another opens. Polyester grand opening
Waves February/ March 1987 


Waves February/March 1987


Get your fix of Esquerita in the leafy eastern suburbs
Waves October/November 1987


‘Records you can’t get anywhere else’ Gaslight advertisement 
Waves December/January 1988


This is where we'll leave you this time, but stay tuned for loads more from Waves Revisited. For more on the PBS story, check out the 40 Years of PBS Radio book.


Bronte Laffin Vines and Alan Fitzpatrick (scans), Meg Butler (introduction) & Mara Williams (clippings)