Tue 15 Dec 2020

In Waves Revisited, we've seen a sample of the zine styles, logo and merch art, and music-related ads courtesy of Waves magazine, the PBS publication from 1977-1988.  In this series finale, let's check out some of the other products and services on offer for PBS listeners...

Our second advertisement speaks to fans of high fidelity
Waves January 1980 


Progressive styling for progressive broadcast listeners
Waves March/April 1983


Get your pork knuckle, wurst and sauerkraut here
 Waves, June/July 1984


This could have well been one hell of a celebration  
Waves April/ May 1986


Top of the line and state of the art
Waves December/January 1985


A place for frocks and slacks 
Waves February/March 1986


Sometimes PBS advertised in its own rag – like here,
where you can get the latest t-shirt or windcheater

Waves August/September 1986 


We’ve got public radio. How about public TV? A call-out
Waves June/July, 1986


A place to spend time digging
Waves, August/September 1986


Who can resist that wet look perm?
Waves April/May 1987


Was this your first bed in your first sharehouse? 
Waves April/May 1988


Screen-printing for all 
Waves December/January 1988


Need to get out of town? You’ve got options! 
Static Minus 3 July 1989


If you would like to become an advertiser in PBS’s Easey magazine or take out on-air sponsorship be sure to speak to our friendly sponsorship team.


For more on the PBS story, check out the 40 Years of PBS Radio book.


 Bronte Laffin Vines and Alan Fitzpatrick (scans) & Mara Williams.