Sleaford Mods dropped in to PBS HQ for a special Studio 5 Live, gracing our shores while celebrating their twelfth album UK Grim. The album finds the group at their most immaculately enraged, disquieting and ferociously poetic. Following 2021’s Spare Ribs – their third top ten album since 2019 and their most successful yet – it is, like all their records, a diagnosing of the sicknesses of society, a panacea, and a psychological blot test where the listener finds themselves revealed.  

Listen back to Sunglasses After Dark with Phil on Thursday June 8 to hear an exclusive live performance from the band, and watch them perform their track 'Tilldipper' here:

Sleaford Mods - 'Tilldipper' in PBS Studio 5 June 5, 2023


Mixed by Lara Prokop
Mastered by Alicia Saye
Video and photos by Kurt Eckardt

Studio 5 Live is proudly brought to you by our mates at Mountain Goat. PBS thanks the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust for funding assistance to build and fit out Studio 5.