Wed 25 Sep 2019

Joining State of the Art this morning is the new Artistic Director of Chunky Move, Antony Hamilton. Hamilton chats about the new show Token Armies as part of the upcoming Melbourne International Arts Festival. 

When you enter an environment populated by varied lifeforms, animated machines and a set that itself seems to pulse and breath, you know you’re not in traditional dance territory. This visionary creation throws every rule to the wind, and is the first work created by Antony Hamilton since taking up the helm of Chunky Move. 

Token Armies is a symphony of action, image and sound, and a collective experience through which audiences will makes their own journey. Featuring a leviathan sculpture by Creature Technology Co. – the renowned creators of works such as King Kong and Walking with Dinosaurs– this immersive spectacle explores the way labour becomes ritual and opens up opportunities for a future humanity. Bio-mechanical forms alongside an ensemble of 23 performers query the boundary between the living and the inanimate. 

Epic in scale, ambitious in conceit and utterly unforgettable in execution, this world premiere event is an evolutionary leap into an unknown tomorrow. 

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