A few months ago, Homebrew’s Kurt Eckardt ran into Amy Franz from Melbourne post punk duo Super Wild Horses. They chatted about the band and Kurt mentioned to Amy that he and Maddy Mac had only recently played a couple of tracks from the album Fifteen on Homebrew. “I told Amy that Maddy and I had both been reminiscing about the band and had been missing them so much!” says Kurt.  

The following Monday, by pure coincidence, Maddy brought in a track from the band to play on Homebrew. It was some kind of kismet, and both Maddy and Kurt decided there and then that they needed to revisit the wonderful live session that Super Wild Horses originally recorded in Studio 5 back in May 2010.  

The Melbourne guitar, keyboard and drums duo recorded this set in the wake of their debut album, Fifteen. A minimalist take on post punk mashed with scuzzy alt rock and the push and pull of two great voices.

“This recording perfectly captures what’s special about this band. Their songs are so catchy, raw and immediate... and completely their own.”  Kurt Eckardt

Tune in to Homebrew on Monday July 19 to hear this session in its entirety, alongside an interview with Amy and Hayley.

Super Wild Horses Studio 5 Live Rewind is proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.