Wed 26 Aug 2020
A string of mysterious abductions plague the town’s residents… Residents with their own hidden secrets… Residents with their own scandalous affairs…

Inspired by the cult TV series Twin Peaks and the other works of David Lynch, be prepared for a journey through the melodramatic, the uncanny and the dark manifestations of the unconscious. All mysteries will lead to the million dollar question… Who Is Martha Marrow?


This week on State of the Art, creative director of the Brunswick escape room Ukiyo, Michael Armstrong, chats about a new virtual series called Ukiyo at Home.


Ukiyo At Home is a way of bringing  cinematic stories and escape room experiences into people's homes. It’s like living in a movie, a TV series, a murder/crime podcast or an episode of Black Mirror — an alternate reality game all in the comfort of your own home.


"We’ll be collaborating with different artists throughout the event to weave a cinematic experience through video, live theatre, live music performances, visual art, narrative writing and puzzles," said Armstrong.


Every two weeks will be a whole new concept, a whole new experience that will unravel throughout the course of a 10 day period. And like the old, nostalgic TV serials of the past, everyone will be experiencing it together. In a time where many are feeling disconnected, Ukiyo At Home will be something you can do with your friends over zoom, family or housemates at home, and the whole community audience taking part. It’s an experience to be shared. Starting with... Stawk Pine Falls.


Join the Facebook event here for all the details.


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