Wed 20 Mar 2019

Tune in for State of the Art this Wednesday March 20 when Stephanie Lake chats about her latest dance piece - Skeleton Tree.

Premiering as part of Malthouse Theatre's Dance Massive program, Skeleton Tree draws inspiration from the punch and poeticism of funeral songs and dances for the dead, to create a powerful new work about the primary human experience that language constantly fails to articulate: the ecstasy of grief. With her signature virtuosic movement, Skeleton Tree is an exhilarating union of dance, music and theatre.

Skeleton Tree is the latest work from the Stephanie Lake Company since the critically acclaimed Colossus at the Arts Centre in 2018.

Check out the work in progress below and head to the Malthouse website for more information and tickets.

Skeleton Tree - Stephanie Lake Company - work in progress from Stephanie Lake on Vimeo. Tree_0.jpg