Thu 12 Jan 2012 to Sun 1 Apr 2012

After a successful launch and January program, Melbourne’s newest independent open air cinema at the Abbottsford Convent – The Shadow Electric - has released its anticipated February program.

Featuring films such as Wasteland: a powerful documentary about the people that live and work in Brazil’s largest rubbish dump, Luc Besson’s Leon: The Professional: a gripping portrayal of a complex relationship between a hit man and his vulnerable neighbour (Natalie Portman) and Shallow Grave: Danny Boyle’s (Slum Dog Millionaire, Trainspotting) 90s cult classic hit starring Ewan McGregor.

‘We’ve been blown away by the support Melbourne has shown the cinema throughout January,’ said Jay Rayner, Director of The Shadow Electric.

‘From the response we’ve had, we know the program is showcasing what film enthusiasts want to see - independent, cult and classic cinema.’

Australian cinema strongly features in the February program with modern classic Animal Kingdom, standing side-by-side with the recently rediscovered 1971 masterpiece Wake In Fright, which is nicely complemented by Rolf De Heer’s groundbreaking dark comedy Bad Boy Bubby.

The cinema now hosts ‘Sundays at the Shadows’ each week, with the bar opening at 3pm and ping pong tables moved into the main cinema area.

‘Sundays at The Shadow Electric have become quite a fixture within the program and there is a great energy with everyone coming down to enjoy a beer in the sunshine,’

‘We think it’s the perfect way to relax and see out the weekend, unluckily we’re not alone and the Melbourne Taco Truck and Beatbox Kitchen have been joining us there too.’

Boasting a 250 seat-capacity, the cinema has a licensed bar which also serves food, live entertainment and shorts film program, not to mention, stunning views and a vibrant atmosphere.

A full program of all films being screened is also available on the website

When: January – April 2012
Where: Abbotsford Convent - Collingwood
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