Wed 9 Sep 2020
This week on State of The Art, Annika is joined by the Artistic Director of Playable Streets, Glen Walton, as he chats about the interactive gallery Playable Web.


Playable Web is an interactive online environment showcasing the work of children. This online interactive gallery will grow over time and connect communities from across Australia and beyond!


Created by Playable Streets, the goal is to encourage people to reach out and touch their world. Using the latest technologies available Playable Streets aims to connect people with their surroundings through the action of touch as strangers become musical collaborators.


Working with composers, engineers and visual artists, Playable Streets have created a series of works that explore public collaboration and collective musical play. Works include Reach Out Sounds, Sounding Stories, Clippy, The Plants, Sounds Exquisite, In Touch and Instro Experimento.


Start playing on the website now!


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