Wed 16 Sep 2015 to Sun 4 Oct 2015

PBS’ Picks of Fringe Festival 2015

The unknown story of the original funk-rock diva Betty Davis

Premiering in Melbourne last year at Ding Dong Lounge and wowing the 2014 Adelaide Cabaret Festival THEY SAY SHE'S DIFFERENT is back to help you get your dirty groove on.

Journey to the hard hitting early 70's where sex sells, music is god, women are shouting out, and a good time is what counts. Betty Davis embodied this. As a singer/songwriter she was the first to fuse funk and rock. Briefly married to Miles Davis and hanging with Jimi Hendrix, this patron saint of bad-ass heavily influenced the music greats of the day.

TSSD immerses the audience through film and live music to tell the untold black story of the original Funk-Rock diva! It will be edgy. It will be gritty. It will be loud and dirty. It will be fun and funky. Prepare yourself to boogie!

Written by and starring Cecilia Low
Music by Betty Davis
Featuring Tony Kopa, Phil Ceberano, Thommy Mann, Glen Reither, Eliza Wolfgramm
Film by Cameron Zayec
More info here

Venue: Gasworks, Albert Park
Dates: Sept 22 - 26

The Revival!

More miraculous than seeing the Virgin Mary on your toast and hotter than hell! Church of Wonders is a tongue-in-cheek examination of Christian evangelical television. Chest of Wonders, a Melbourne based and all-female cast, present a hilarious exploration of the ridiculousness of evangelical television through circus and burlesque.

The show introduces Preacher Mamashak and her ridiculous firebrand persona and burlesquing alter women The Cheese Girls. Church of Wondersincorporates circus aerials, hula hooping, sword swallowing hand-balance, sideshow, burlesque and comedy to give you the kind of religious experience you'll never get in church. Or ever again. Winner 1st Runner Up Best Cabaret at Perth Fringe World 2015.

Venue: The Melba Spiegeltent, Collingwood
Dates: Sept 24-27

A comical journey about twins, mental health and travelling in time

Following a successful run of his debut solo show Rapid Fire about the joys and misadventures of his South East Asian travels, Karl brings you the next side of his journey.

In 2013 Karl travelled to Thailand with his identical twin brother Michael. While overseas the twins both suffered their first major brush with mental illness. One experienced psychosis and was arrested, the other thought he was a time travelling superhero. Michael was hospitalised and Karl began to believe that they had become the same person. The following week in Thailand resulted in a journey worthy of fiction but painfully true for all involved; Delusions of grandeur, tattoos of fictional bars, assault, arrest and a dramatic rescue by family members.

12 hours after returning to Melbourne Karl was admitted into a psychiatric ward. Twinception tells the true story of one half of an extraordinary journey of heroics, delusions and coming to terms with a mental illness. This is Karl’s story.

Venue: Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne
Dates: Sept 26 – Oct 4

Cabaret, Comedy and Crochet

Lexi explains through song and story what it's like to be a Craft-activist in the modern technological world, a hard cold world, that needs some warm and fuzzies! Lexi and her trusty ukulele sidekick Lola will serenade you, not with love songs but with songs about alternative relationships with friends and other fuzzy characters in her life.
Come listen, laugh and play with Lexi at the secret location that is known as the sneaky bit out the back, downstairs, at the venue Caz-Reitops' Dirty Secrets. Otherwise known as the old cellar.

Don't forget to have a drink upstairs at the bar first.

Venue: Caz-Reitops' Dirty Secrets
Dates: Sept 17 – Oct 3

presented by Darebin Arts LoudMouth

Frank is a particular kind of guy and always has been. For as long as anyone can remember he’s been obsessed by space and what‘s past the moon, because out there, he can hear people calling for help. And he knows it’s his mission to save them.

Separation Street is Polyglot Theatre’s new interactive theatre performance for children and adults. It’s a theatrical adventure with a provocative beginning – children and their accompanying adults are split up and taken on two separate theatre journeys.

Participants investigate the story of Frank, an astronaut determined to reach the limits of the universe and beyond. The audience moves through the space to discover a dream, uncover mysteries and clues until the separate worlds begin to impact on each other.

Ambient and exhilarating, together kids and their adults experience a different universe – one where kids have power, adults are vulnerable, and separation means freedom.
Venue: NorthcoteTown Hall, Northcote
Dates: 19 Sept – 4 oct

Peter Combe with the Bellyflop in a Pizza Band

BIG KIDS NIGHT OUT with Peter Combe and the Bellyflop in a Pizza band. Surprise yourself with how many words you remember to your favourite Peter Combe songs. Relive your childhood and singalong with Newspaper Mama, Juicy Juicy Green Grass, Mr Clicketty Cane, Toffee Apple, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Baghdad, Tadpole Blues, Rain...with Peter and the loud, fast and totally fabulous Bellyflop in a Pizza Band!!
Venue: Fringe Hub – Lithuanian Club, North Melbourne
Dates: Sep 19

Random Musical
presented by Darebin Arts LoudMouth

Totally spontaneous, totally improvised and totally hilarious!

Random Musical is a ‘one of a kind’ performance especially for kids and families from the award-winning creators of Spontaneous Broadway.

An exciting, improvised musical that YOU direct by giving the performers random words and phrases to get started. The all-star cast of five actors and musicians turn your ideas into a brand new musical right there on the stage.

A great opportunity to introduce young people to the world of musical theatre!
Venue: Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre
Dates: Sept 29 + 30