So much of The Ocean Party’s music balances moments of introspection with visceral expression as themes of identity and belonging are brought to light by the shared perspectives of the band’s songwriters. The Melbourne-via-Wagga-Wagga six-piece were a prolific and impressive bunch who wrote insightful songs that mirrored the shifts in the lives of its members over the years.  

A beloved band whose career was cut short after the untimely, tragic passing of drummer Zac Denton in 2018, The Ocean Party produced nine studio albums, toured actively around the country, and engendered a strong sense of closeness amongst its peers and fans.  

In February 2015, The Ocean Party joined a stellar line-up, including such artists as Ben Frost, Habits and Primitive Calculators, for PBS Drive Live. For our next Studio 5 presentation, we want to take you back to that February afternoon and share with you The Ocean Party’s jangly, raw and riveting live session.  

Tune in to The Breakfast Spread on November 3 where you can hear the entire thing. 

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