Wed 7 Oct 2020

Step into a mysterious underground listening club designed for insomniacs, night owls, lonely-hearts and dreamers…


This week on State of The Art, Annika is joined by the creators of The Nightline Project.


The Nightline is a creative audio project about the city at night inspired by late-night anonymous voice messages, left between the hours of midnight-6am. Visitors to The Nightline are led into a mysterious late-night venue, which promises companionship to the sleepless and rest to the restless.


At the heart of The Nightline is a creative partnership between director Roslyn Oades and sound artist Bob Scott, in what is their fifth audio-theatre collaboration. In the spirit of creative non-fiction, The Nightline sees them recompose from found sound to conjure up an evocative journey through the night.


Audiences are offered a rare opportunity to eavesdrop on an invisible nocturnal community: the restless, the sleepless, the hosts, revellers and guardians of their city at night. The Nightline uses field recordings, voice messages, original composition and site responsive design to create an immersive audio experience.


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