Wed 2 Sep 2020
This week on State of The Art, Edwin Montgomery answers the question on everyone's lips - "What will remain once we have gone?” Their answer, “Cyborg Cats.” 


In Montgomery’s interactive digital artwork, Neon Cyborg Cat Club, life as we know it no longer exists - but left in our wake are robotic cats, originally manufactured for companionship by a doomed humankind, now roaming an apocalyptic cityscape. Inside, you can visit one of the last areas populated by the cyborg cats, for an immersive and voyeuristic experience as the curious and wistful creatures create unique musical soundscapes with their individual movements.


Montgomery has created a vivid 3D digital environment to transport online audiences from the comfort of their own homes to this dystopian feline future.


Audiences can choose which cats to spend time with, from a number of viewpoints, and enjoy private performances that are unique every time. 

Neon Cyborg Cat Club is free to download until September 10 at


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Neon Cyborg Cat Club: BLUE