Wed 6 Jul 2011 to Sun 10 Jul 2011

5 days and nights of the world’s greatest music performances captured on film.
Rock concerts, documentaries, musicals, opera, animation and a whole day celebrating legendary director, Martin Scorsese.

St Kilda’s historic Palais Theatre presents the Music On Film Festival, an annual celebration of music and filmmaking. Experience the greatest music on film from only $20.00.

We promise a big screen, big sound and great performances showcasing the world’s best filmmakers as they capture the magic at the heart of music-making and great performances in close-up.

“The Music on Film Festival celebrates music magic in the full glory of the silver screen with the added benefit of a “it’s-like-you’re-there” sound system. All this in Australia’s premier live music venue! I promise you that every film is worth seeing and every piece of music is worth listening to. That’s why festivals like this are so terrific because they introduce us to artists and music that may be outside our usual tastes.” Dennis Watkins, Festival Director

The Palais Theatre was made for this, literally. Built as a cinema in 1927 at a time when live music and entertainment preceded every screening, it has already seen some of the greatest stars of stage and screen and is now a renowned concert venue. What better place to come and celebrate the world’s greatest musical performances captured on film.

“The Palais Theatre is a great venue with magnificent acoustics. This festival offers a big theatre cinematic experience, coupled with an international concert sound system for a great night’s entertainment.” Neil Croker

Over the five days of the Festival you will experience a range of great music from Contemporary and Classic Rock and Pop through The Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Classical Masterpieces and Opera.

The final day is a whole day featuring the work of one of the most significant film directors of our time, Martin Scorsese.

The best concert films not only capture a moment in time, they offer an up-close connection to the artist that’s impossible to see in a live performance. All the films create a shared experience that will take you to another place, together.

• P!nk’s Funhouse Tour – Live in Australia P!nk’s record-breaking tour
• It Might Get Loud Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page
• Down From the Mountain A concert of music from the Coen Brothers ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’
• Heima Sigur Ros’ magnificently filmed series of concerts in their homeland, Iceland
• The Transformation of the World Into Music Inside Werner Herzog’s Wagner operas at the Bayreuth Festival
• The Magic Flute Kenneth Branagh & Stephen Fry’s stunning filmed version of Mozart’s timeless opera
• Disney’s Fantasia Walt Disney at his magical, animated best
• Woodstock The Academy Award winning film celebrating 3 days of Peace, Music & Love
• ‘Scorsese Sunday’:
- New York, New York Scorcese’s homage to the classic Hollywood musical
- The Last Waltz One of the greatest concert films of all time, with one of the greatest line-ups
- Feel Like Going Home From Scorsese’s acclaimed series ‘The Blues’
- Shine a Light Rolling Stones in Concert “A master director shining his light on the best rock band on the planet.” Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Music On Film Festival – experience the greatest music on film, in one of the world’s great theatres.

Music On Film Festival
VENUE : Palais Theatre, St Kilda
DATE : 6 to 10 July
TICKETS : or 136 100


PRODUCER - Neil Croker
Neil's company, Performance Services, tour directed, executive produced and co-promoted tours by some of the biggest artists in the world including AC/DC, Dire Straits and Michael Jackson for over 20 years. In 2007, Palais Theatre Management, with Neil as CEO, won the tender to run St Kilda’s Palais Theatre. The Palais Theatre is now presenting over 90 concert events per year and supports a range of community initiatives.

Dennis Watkins has worked in the arts in a wide range of capacities, including that of actor, writer, director, commissioning editor, artistic director and more. He is the writer of the witty contemporary musicals, 'Dingo girl', ‘Beach Blanket Tempest’ and ‘Pearls Before Swine’ and co-creator of the opera 'The Eighth Wonder', based on the experience of Jorn Utzon and the building of his Sydney Opera House. He has written lyrics for film and TV including The Magic Pudding, Hi Five and McLeod’s Daughters. Most recently he was the founding Producer and Co-Artistic Director of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at Sydney Opera House.