Wed 6 May 2020

As we continue our retrospective exploration of the Studio 5 Live archive, we rewind to a recent superb session. It was early February 2020, PBS had just wrapped up another successful Drive Live, and we were getting ready to get back into the natural rhythm of things. Melbourne was still playing host to hundreds of wonderful international acts, one of whom was the inimitable Moon Duo. Long story short, the planets align and we were lucky to have them come in to play a live set of ethereal psychedelia. Little did we know at the time that they would be the last international band to play live from Studio 5 before the entire world went into lockdown. But never mind that. They came and played a fabulous session on Elle Young’s show Headhunters. 

But this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the initial recommendation made by Pojama People’s Chris Pearson for PBS to host this excellent band. This is then a nice little PBS story about the kind of dialogue that our announcers have with one another, and is a testament to their profound passion for great music. And this is why it makes sense to listen back to Moon Duo’s live set on Pojama People. As Chris Pearson continues to dedicate his show only to live music, we tune in on Wednesday May 6 to feel reassured and to take solace in the steadiness of this band’s groove, at a time where everything else feels so shaky and precarious. 

Tune in to Pojama People on Wednesday May 6 at 10pm to hear Moon Duo Studio 5 Rewind. Proudly supported by Mountain Goat.