Sun 11 Jan 2015

Melbourne's music scene unites for mental health in a marathon gig featuring 17 bands over 12 hours. Featuring a stellar line-up including Bam Bam, Stella Angelico, Mayfield, The Tarantinos, Last Mistress, Seb Mont, Feter Hendel, Vamp, Empra, Chris Watts, Sweet Felicia, Trio Agogo, Cam Gilmour and more, it'll be a great day/night out! The event hopes to raise awareness of mental health issues within the music and artistic communities, with all proceeds going to beyondblue. Look after your mates, and head along to the marathon - it's for a good cause!

The Melbourne Music Marathon for Mental Health: Sunday 11th Jan at The Toff In Town from 12:30pm - 1am.

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