Every February PBS throws a huge party on-site at our Easey St studios to celebrate the diversity and energy of live music in Melbourne.  Drive Live presents 3 acts performing live-to-air each evening between 5pm and 7pm, while the PBS offices heave with punters soaking up a unique musical experience.   

In 2018, Drive Live week kicked off with an hypnotic meditation of improvised music from Maria Moles and Adam Halliwell.  Moles and Halliwell are prolific practitioners in Melbourne’s live music scene, performing in myriad bands and ensembles spanning an expansive genre palette.  Together they mixed the contemplative with the dynamic, introspection with exuberance, and subtlety with expansive flourishes across drums, percussion, guitar, keyboards and flute.  The PBS audience sat transfixed in front of Studio 5 while Moles and Halliwell engaged in the most magical of musical conversations. 

PBS is thrilled to re-broadcast this extraordinary session in its entirety on Impressions at 7pm on Sunday October 25.