Wed 19 Aug 2020
This week on State of the Art, Liquid Architecture's Jon Tjhia talks about Manus Recording Project Collective - a new project from the creatives behind the award-winning podcast The Messenger.

As part of where are you today, 2020, every day for a month, beginning on August 1, subscribers will receive a text message with a new ten-minute audio recording from Farhad Bandesh, Farhad Rahmati, Samad Abdul, Shamindan Kanapathi, Thanush Selvraj or Yasin Abdallah.

These men, seeking asylum by boat, were forcibly transferred to Manus Island by the Australian government nearly seven years ago. Now, they are held in hotels or detention centres in Port Moresby, Melbourne or Brisbane.


"For this recording, of course, there will be people who find it boring, and they won’t want to listen. But there are many people here, who just sit down and try to understand. They close their eyes, just to imagine the people in Manus, and try to make a connection with the men, in Manus. And that’s why I think this work is very interesting … it takes the audience inside the prison camp, just to live with them for a while. To witness their lives. Another thing really that is very important, is that this system treats us in a way where we do not exist. But we do exist. Sometimes we exist in Australia, through these artworks, you know. That part is very surreal. That is the important thing about this work. That it allows us to say: here we are." Behrouz Boochani, in conversation with Andre Dao about how are you today, Dec 2019


To subscribe in Australia, text 'Hello' to +61 488 845 951. For more information, head to the Manus Recording Project website.


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