A lifetime of formation, an instant of realisation – MAGNET is a new collaboration of old friends, music created in a moment that tells the story of 20 years. MAGNET gathers kindred spirits from different sides of the world, draws breath from four different but intertwined musical lives, then exhales with one set of lungs, a music of immediate and raw beauty, bristling with humour and brawn, overflowing with grace and ferocious, unbridled beauty.

Guitarist and composer Stephen Magnusson is a musician at the height of his powers. From the precocious virtuoso who dazzled the music world when he crashed onto the scene, to a musician so mature, complete and respected that when people talk of an “Australian sound” of instrumental music, it is Magnusson’s influence – his tone, his touch, his compositional watermark and his deep sensitivity – that they hear.

Magnusson gathers with him some of the most inspiring music makers in this remarkable quartet. Argentinean drummer Sergio Beresovsky is a startling player, an irresistible force, who ignites the music with crackling invention and uninhibited creativity. Vocalist Carl Pannuzzo is primal and beautiful, uncut and angelic, by turns embedded within the ensemble sound and soaring above it with overwhelming emotion. Finally, Eugene Ball on trumpet is a revelation of poise and ravishing eloquence; his improvising is compositional and adventurous, always impeccable in its wisdom and restraint, and thrilling in its instrumental mastery.

MAGNET is a family, a culture, and a collective expression of four musicians who have grown together and speak a common language. MAGNET is a history of brothers, the virtue of practice, the depth of musicality and the joy of adventure in one moment of sound. As that moment evolves, the MAGNET music - deep, important and beautiful - writes its own story.

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