What is love? Where is the love? Who do you love? Melbourne's Immigration Museum will ask the big questions this summer, and we'll ask the big questions on The Breakfast Spread's State of the Art segment this Wednesday.

Opening Saturday December 1, LOVE explores all forms of loving connection between humans. Presented in partnership with Heide Museum of Modern Art, LOVE is Immigration Museum as you have never seen it before.

Soulmates. Friendship. Desire. Devotion. Grief. LOVE will boldly investigate the most common and visceral of all shared human experiences. It fearlessly tells intimate stories that will lift your heart, fill it, break it, challenge it. It will explore LOVE in all it's storied forms, through visual art, aural and written storytelling, and objects.

Opening Saturday December 1
Immigration Museum, 400 Flinders St, Melbourne CBD

https://www.pbsfm.org.au/sites/default/files/images/Triple nude ( Three Pats, Standing, Back View) - Richard Larter 1966.jpg