Wed 13 Jul 2011 to Sat 23 Jul 2011

A place where time has no hold; a place where shadows are more real than the objects they relate. A place that knows no boundary; welcome to Limbo.

'Limbo', is a Circus journey into the world where the line between reality and fantasy does not exist. Limbo takes us on a perception-altered journey of an old widowed woman living in her mansion, her mind escaping from her as she tries to grasp 'what is real?' As her mind fails, her perception on the world changes and her paintings come to life, and she accepts her new reality with the aid of a free floating butterfly. Her goal is to be free from the madness.

This Story was inspired by the Untitled painting of M. Wilinski and is presented by Puppetry, Circus, Dance, Theatre and illusions which has beautifully warped the world of Limbo.

Venue: David Williamson Theatre [St John Street, Prahran]
Dates: 13th July 23rd July (not Mondays),
Tickets: $25 Full, $22 Conc./groups (+5 )
Doors open: 7.30pm
Performance start time: 8:30pm
Approx. finish time: 10.00pm

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