Thu 1 Mar 2012 to Sat 31 Mar 2012

For the latest news and information about Australia's top arts courses, people to know, workshops and lectures to attend...take a look at ArtsHub’s FREE monthly Education Report.

Alongside the daily news, gigs and jobs bulletins, artsHub is launching a series of monthly supplements that cater to specialised groups.
The Classical Monthly was launched in October 2011 to an overwhelming response across the Australian Heritage arts industries and artsHub is excited to announce this month, the launch of the new monthly EDUCATION REPORT on the 8th March, 2012.

artsHub is Australia’s leading website for anyone looking for work in the arts, as well as for companies looking to list jobs across all the arts and creative industries. The artsHub website is visited over 180,000 times each month and publishes daily bulletins with jobs and career opportunities, as well as news, reviews and interviews - bringing you the latest updates both here and overseas.

The Education Report E-Bulletin will be sent directly to artsHub subscribers on the second Thursday of every month. It provides information for up and coming arts students in schools and universities, providing a view into the life of an artist and arts worker and opportunities after graduation.
The Education Report will also provide news and resources for teachers and educators, featuring everything about the current and coming up, including news, conferences and events, and is set to become a useful tool for both arts teachers and students alike. artsHub Editor in Chief Rita Dimasi says: “ A national arts curriculum is set to hit all schools across the country this year and will see Australian kids from preschool to high school learn about music, drama, dance, visual arts and media arts.” The Education Report will be sent out on Thursday 8th March.

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