Wed 4 Sep 2019 to Sun 15 Sep 2019

Laila Marie Costa (AKA RUN LMC) is an artist, curator and musician with borderline O.C.D.

These works on canvas and paper date back to the 90's and display her uptight, fastidious and annoyingly repetitious process. It comments on capitalism, feminism, environmentalism, humourism, Italianism, punkism, localism, hoaderism and ism isms.

‘I see your band/art now and it's not too bad
You're nothing like you used to be
Please write some songs/make some artworks that really do not suck
Please become what you were before’
Regurgitator, 1997

I Like Your Old Stuff Better Then Your New Stuff

at The Carringbush Hotel

222-228 Langridge St, Abbotsford

Wed 4 Sep 2019 to Sun 15 Sep 2019