Wed 21 Oct 2020

This week on State of The Art, Annika chats with the Artistic Director of Chamber Made, Tamara Saulwick, about Hi-Viz.

Hi-Viz is an initiative aimed at deepening dialogue around cross-artform practice, placing a particular emphasis on women, gender diverse and trans artists whose work resides at the intersection of performance, sound, and music.

The inaugural Hi-Viz Practice Exchange was held in December 2018 at the SUBSTATION as a day to foster dialogue, build networks, and nurture new understandings between performance makers, theatre directors, composers, and sound artists.

This year they've taken it online with artist talks, listening sessions, participatory workshops, provocations, break out sessions, and performance.


"We are all sharing one of the most unusual years in our lifetimes where time has become slippery, bodies dangerous, and the real and virtual increasingly entangled. What happens to artistic practice at a time like this? How does collaboration and creating new work shift? What do you let go of and what are you determined to hold onto?"


Head to the website at for more details.


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