Mon 15 Aug 2011

Harvest is a one day outdoor music and arts festival taking place this November in Melbourne (12 Nov), Sydney (13 Nov) and Brisbane (19 Nov). Catering for a discerning music and cross-arts audience, festival goers will come to Harvest for the world-class line-up and return for the extraordinary experience.

Thrilling and magical, Harvest will be a banquet for all the senses – exhilarating
music, stunning location, beautiful art installations, playful and subversive performance, quality food and markets, and a strong ecological and social consciousness.

Harvest will offer festival-goers a space to re-imagine just what kind of world
we want to live in, a time to reconnect with the important things in life... and an
opportunity to indulge in play.

We are currently seeking proposals for ideas and installations to enhance the
sense of discovery and adventure that will make Harvest special. Ideas can be large
scale or tiny, abstract or naturalistic, from a singular discipline or combination of
Ideas should be:
• Inspired by the area descriptions and responding to area briefs (see over)
• Tailored to a festival audience and environment
• Robust enough to withstand outdoor conditions
• Be conscious of both day and night time contexts (event will run 11am-11pm approx)
• Be realistic in terms of resources, budget and time scale

Proposals should include:
• A one-page written description of what you want to do, how you are going to do it, and how it
will fit into the vision for Harvest
• A budget detailing costs associated with your proposal as well as any funding secured or applied for
• Support material that will further illustrate your idea. For example:
• Mood board
• Drawings
• Video samples
• Sound samples
• Script / story board
• Resumé(s) outlining previous work and experience (include web links if applicable)
• Full contact details

Proposals should be sent to no later than 15 August 2011.
For more information, please visit