Wed 3 Jul 2019

This week on State of the Art, Annika Priest talks to Arts House Artistic Director, Emily Sexton about Future Assembly; a non-patriarchal approach to stimulate action and find hope. 

“This isn’t a conference, a talkfest or a think tank – we’ve curated a fiery group of cross-cultural artists, protagonists who are a welcome respite from the sea of suited clones who purport to guide us.” Emily Sexton.

Tune into State of the Art on The Breakfast Spread Wednesday 3rd July.

EXHIBITION 10 Jul – 4 Aug #IAMWOMAN by Jody Haines 

EXHIBITION 10 – 13 Jul QUEERDOM by Making the Margins

EXHIBITION 10 – 13 Jul WHY2K by Hannah Brontë

INTERACT 11 – 13 Jul Reading / Making Room by Making the Margins 

PARTY 11 Jul MOTHERLODE by Fempress 

MANIFESTO 12 Jul Work It – New Manifestos by Candy Bowers and guests

INTERACT 13 Jul Umyuangvigkaq by Emily Johnson/Catalyst and guests

ARTIST TALK 13 Jul Archiving the Margins by Making the Margins

For more information on Future Assembly visit


#IAMWOMAN - Jody Haines is part of Future Assembly - pictured below.

Jody Haines