Wed 2 Oct 2019
Forming in 1997 in an era that had little pretentiousness or gimmickry, Frankenbok have always known one way. Straight ahead, uncompromising and one which emphatically makes the statement that they are the sum of all of their musical parts not merely a pawn in the musical machine.

At times it has seen them shunned from the mainstream, but more often it has seen them grow into a band who doesn't play by the rules - they make them.

Frankenbok have walked a path that has seen them share the stage with bands of the calibre of Slayer, Fear Factory, Machine Head, System of a Down and Exodus, but rather than rest on their laurels and commit these memories to an impressive list of achievements, they have continually raised the bar with the belief that their best is firmly in front of them, not behind.

With this in mind the band have ushered in 2019 by going back to the future of sorts, reinstating the brutally uncompromising beast that is Dan McDougall to vocal duties after he left the band briefly in 2015.

McDougall reunites with Azza Bok, the only remaining original member, whose position in the band transcends more than that of a guitarist. Rounded out by the man of 1000 faces, Tom Rossell (formerly House of Thumbs) on drums and Ricky Barbour (Isolar) on bass, Frankenbok has ramped things up with a fresh lineup to ensure that their existing legacy is not only built on, but surpassed.

Listen back to Frankenbok's Studio 5 Live session. Proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.