Most people who listen to PBS would be familiar with our stellar Saturday afternoon programming. But what you might not know is that for the last few years, one of our announcers has been putting on a rather special event, Reservoir Stomp.

Reservoir Stomp is a grassroots music festival that works tirelessly to deliver a fabulous event for the Reservoir and broader Melbourne music community. The founder of the festival is none other than our very own Emma Peel, host of Switched On on Saturdays 1-3pm. Emma delights in broadcasting “dusty, obscure, kaleidoscopic gems from the vinyl vaults of time.” And she has been gracing PBS’ radio airwaves for over 10 years.

Switched On takes listeners on a journey back to the 1960s and 1970s to discover sounds from around the world including: Latin jazz, boogaloo, salsa, samba, bossa nova, MPB, European Sound Library, soul-jazz, original rhythm and blues, Now Sound and other rare vinyl delights.

It’s this dedication to music that has driven Emma to become an expert in running her own live music festival. This year, however, Reservoir Stomp was under threat of not going ahead until the idea of digital adaptation rose to the fore. For Emma, creating Rez Stomp TV was an opportunity to continue the festival, and branch out to new and larger audiences. 

The line up for Rez Stomp TV is extraordinary, check it out here. And keep listening to Switched On with Emma Peel.