Thu 13 Oct 2016

Multicultural Arts Victoria presents Amadou Suso in collaboration with Australian National Academy of Music amongst the colourful Australian Tapestry Workshop tapestries.

Amadou Suso is today’s generation’s direct line descendent of the very first Kora master who lived 760 years ago. Amadou Suso’s lineage goes directly back to Korea Musa Suso, and born to the life of a musician, or Jaly, he lives true to his origins, combining a deep knowledge of Gambian traditional music with a passion for the contemporary possibilities of his own musical journey. Mesmerizing as a solo performer, Amadou has also brought together the Senegambian Jazz band; a collective of musicians who merge traditional African percussion and song with improvisation.

Amadou Suso – Kora
Robert Nicholls – Double Base
Caleb Wong – Cello
Alex MacDonald – Viola
Anita Hustas – Curator

Sound and Colour Series
 is presented by the Emerald Hill Cultural Precinct and supported by the City of Port Phillip.

Refreshments from 6:30pm

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