Early last year, Melbourne five piece On Diamond broke barriers with their self-titled debut album. Selected as a PBS feature, this genre-defying work invites listeners to prepare for a profound unravelling by navigating through a slow and jagged pop influenced soundscape. It is no surprise that it has attracted many accolades all around Australia.  


At the time of the release, On Diamond came into PBS and recorded a dynamic live set on Headhunters, which we invite you to revisit with us on Homebrew for our next instalment of Studio 5 Live Rewind.  


This re-broadcast is timed to celebrate On Diamond's recently released new single, 'Candle'. And not that we needed a reminder of this band’s authenticity and remarkable songwriting, but this single is again a clever fusion of ethereal vocals, clanging drums and psychedelic guitars atop a bed of eerie ambience.  


Tune in to Homebrew on Monday September 21 to hear On Diamond on Studio 5 Live Rewind, made possible thanks to our mates at Mountain Goat Beer.


Cover image by Laura Du Ve.