Deline Briscoe took her first steps into the music scene in 1997 as a part of her family's acoustic soul trio Briscoe Sisters. She penned the group's most memorable track, 'Wanju', in her mother's native tongue, Gugu Yalanji.

After over two decades of successful songwriting and performance -- and having toured the world as a principle artist with leading performing arts company Black Arm Band -- Brisco released her debut 2018 solo LP 'Wawu'. The album is named for the Yalanji word encompassing the concepts of spirit, heart, love and connections between people, land, past, present and future.

Sung in both Yalanji and English, the album presents the brutal trauma of her mother and mother's mother's separation from their families as a result of two generations of stolen generations. This is mixed with her own experiences of abusive relationships and delivered in beautiful acoustic soul, hip hop and jazz fusion.

Listen back here to hear Deline Briscoe play live for Studio 5 Live. Proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat. 

Deline Briscoe for Studio 5 live