Fri 17 Jun 2011 to Sun 17 Jul 2011

The Counihan Gallery In Brunswick is pleased to announce a new and ambitious site-responsive installation from the Slow Art Collective (SAC). The Brunswick Project is conceived as an ephemeral, open-ended and interactive series of installations and events that will unfold in the gallery space over a four week period. In this time, the Gallery will, in essence, resemble an open-house.

It will be a place to meet, create, exchange, experiment and play. Visitors will be immersed in large-scale assemblages of colour and material, opening up new vantage points and ways in which to navigate the gallery space.

To create The Brunswick Project, the members of SAC and invited artists, will use a diverse range of materials salvaged from backyards, op shops and the streets in the City of Moreland. Connecting with ideas concerning sustainability, systems of value, DIY culture and improvisation; discarded materials will be collected, sorted and ‘upcycled’ in the spirit of the bricoleur. In this project, the re-purposing of unwanted goods is a wry comment on aspirationalism, the global circulation of goods and waste in the urban environment, and the speed of material consumption versus sustainability.

Working in the gallery each day, the core members of the Slow Art Collective will collaborate with artists and practitioners, developing events and building on the installations. Focussing on the process of making art rather than defining its final destination, The Brunswick Project considers these artistic journeys in relation to the ordinary transaction and encounters we participate in everyday.

The project includes a permaculture garden as well as an interactive event program that explores real and tangible opportunities for creative sustainability. The Mayor of Moreland, Cr Oscar Yildiz who launched the project on Saturday 18 June said “The Brunswick Project is a multi-platform experience and the first of its kind to be staged in the Counihan Gallery. In this project, the trash of others has been recycled, given new meaning and the ordinary person can appreciate that. I am proud to be launching this artist-driven project; it just shows you what
you can do with materials destined for landfill. I encourage others to come and have a look at these artists being creative with waste. The Counihan Gallery is leading the way and The Brunswick Project is shifting the dynamics of the gallery experience”. Cr Yildiz said.

The Brunswick Project features the Slow Art Collective (SAC): Tony Adams, Chaco Kato, Ash Keating, Dylan Martorell and guest artists: Nathan Gray, Ocular Lab, Roda Roda, Scale Free Network and the Wemakeus collective.

Artists on site
Slow Art Collective 17 June - 17 July / Roda Roda 25 - 26 June / Nathan Gray 29 - 30 June / Wemakeus Collective 2 - 3 July /
Scale Free Network 9 - 10 July / Ocular Lab 16 - 17 July