Sat 19 May 2012

The Bombay Royale's debut album You Me Bullets Love (out April 6 on HopeStreet Recordings / Fuse Music) is a revelation of a rare new sound that instantly bewitches your senses: exotic, teasing, cinematic and utterly exhilarating.

Born out of the cultural melting pot of Melbourne's music community, The Bombay Royale has brought together a dozen supremely talented individuals.

This meeting of musical minds is a perfect match for the anarchy of Bollywood's long-lost production numbers, which slam together everything from classical Indian music and dance to spaghetti western cinemascapes, surfadelica, bossa nova, every dance craze that once swept America, and knowingly kitsch, lounge retro-cabaret theatrics.

Originally conceived as a vehicle to bring the marvellous but hitherto obscure songs from Bollywood's golden era of the 1960s and '70s, The Bombay Royale morphed into something new when they started writing original music, and things took a new, magical turn.

This evolution is brilliantly captured on The Bombay Royale's debut LP You Me Bullets Love, featuring eight original songs, plus two fascinating re-workings of old Bollywood classics. The Bombay Royale has brought the mysterious sound of Bollywood's Golden Age back to the future -- where it belongs -- and created a music that's never been heard before: inspired by old Bollywood, but sounding entirely, invigoratingly fresh and new.
The Bombay Royale “You Me Bullets Love”

Saturday May 19 @ The Hi-Fi.
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