Tue 8 Jun 2021

Melbourne band Black Jesus play timeless old school death metal. Having established themselves as an underground presence of raw sonic intensity, they have built a cult both here and overseas, including international supports for Midnight (USA), Abaddon Incarnate (IRE) and Entombed (SWE).  

In 2018, Black Jesus recorded a brutal set on Burning Bitumen that, according to announcer Kene Lightfoot,  took Studio 5 a while to recover from.


“Old metal is scrap, scrap is old metal. Black Jesus is scrap metal. Their 2010 debut album Black Jesus Saves left a scar that never healed. Further infecting this wound was their 2014 follow-up Everything Black Everything Dead. It's diabolical death metal and easily one of Melbourne’s most furious live bands. Their latest EP, 2019’s Malevolence Rising proves that there’s some fight in the old dog still.” Kene Lightfoot


PBS is excited to broadcast this savage Studio 5 Live session for your listening pleasure on Burning Bitumen Tuesday June 8 from 10pm.


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