Fri 15 Sep 2017 to Mon 18 Sep 2017

Now that we've adequately recovered from BIGSOUND, here's who we rated!

BOAT SHOW - This band well and truly brought the party on Thursday night delivering guitar punk singalongs like Cis White Boy and the song about all their friends moving to Melbourne that chanted V.I.C to an enthusiastic crowd. Note: the guitarist is Stella Donnelly who was announced the winner of the LEVI’s prize of $25,000 for her solo work the next day making their collective Bigsound pretty tops!

Baker Boy - Yolngu rapper Baker Boy broke out with his debut single ‘Cloud 9’ earlier this year and seems destined for great things. Rapping in language and English, there is no doubt about his skills a lyricist, but it is his magnetic stage presence that has everyone vibing during his set.

Kylie Auldist - There is something comforting about seeing a Melbourne act up at Bigsound after a couple of 30 degree days in the sun, soaking up panel advice and trying to remember people’s names that you’ve only met via email. Ahhh yes seeing Kylies smiling face was a perfect end to the Wednesday night and when she dropped her version of Kungs vs Cookin on Three Burners hit This Girl as the third track the dancefloor upped its game massively, especially the front row fans who knew every word!

PARTY DOZEN - we didn't expect to find an avant-noise-free jazz artist at Bigsound but we're glad we did. The combination of Kirsty Tickle’s skronking sax, mangled beyond recognition by a pedalboard that would make most shoegazers feel insecure, and Jonathan Boulet’s largely improvised and totally maniacal drumming is a sight to be seen, and a band to be heard.