It was the very first performance in last year’s Drive Live, opening the night for the exquisite Danika Smith and the inimitable Sleep D. Big Yawn took to the studio with their uncompromising loud instrumental sound: the four-piece is raucous and thunderous yet tight and cool-headed. The audience felt this and loved every minute of their set.

Headhunters announcer Elle Young recalls:


"The first time I saw Big Yawn live was at a Butter Sessions warehouse basement party back in late 2018. I remember being really entranced by the rawness of their sound, hanging on each moment to see where they would go next. Having them on Drive Live was a no brainer - that raw energy and spontaneity came through on air, and our studio audience was captivated." 


Indeed, those who were here on that Monday to watch live radio in the making also bore witness to the talent of this band. The energy that Big Yawn brought to PBS that night set a pretty high standard for the rest of Drive Live. We are excited to bring you back this energy again on Headhunters when we revisit this excellent session.

Tune in to Headhunters on Monday February 1 as we rewind back to Big Yawn's Studio 5 Live session during Drive Live 2020. Studio 5 Live is proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.

Big Yawn images courtesy of Naomi Lee Beveridge.