This week on State of the Art, Cat and Crispi spoke to ACMI programmer Kirsty Matheson about the upcoming Bowie On Film program showing in conduction with the David Bowie Is exhibition from Aug 20-Sept 20. For over four decades, David Bowie has been a symbol of restless change, rebellion and artistic challenge. A ferocious consumer of culture from mime theatre to punk rock has meant that Bowie’s creativity has effortlessly straddled the worlds of high art and pop culture. Likewise, the ubiquitous influence of Bowie on other artists can be seen all around us; in the most discreet and broad examples of pop culture.

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Cat and Crispi also spoke to David Chisolm who is the founder and artistic director of the Bendigo International Festival Of Exploratory Music.Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music strutted onto the international music scene in September 2013, winning critical praise from around the world and delivering festival and broadcast audiences a visceral experience.

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