Mon 16 Nov 2020 to Sun 22 Nov 2020

This week's feature album comes from music legend, Stolen Generation's survivor and the 2020 Victorian Australian Of The Year, Archie Roach AM. 30 years on from the release of his debut album Charcoal Lane Archie delivers The Songs of Charcoal Lane, recorded at his kitchen table in southwest Victoria during the  COVID-19 lockdown.

To re-record the classic and timeless songs of Charcoal Lane, Archie brought musicians Stephen Magnusson and Sam Anning, along with recording engineer Hadyn Buxton, to his home on Gunditjmara lands, his mother's country.


“Recording at home, with just the four of us, has been a great experience. There’s an intimacy, a closeness; we have gathered the songs in. I have been so much more relaxed sitting here at my kitchen table with a cup of tea, looking out at my yard, recording the songs, maybe doing 2 to 3 takes. When we listen back to the recordings you can sense that there’s a different feel, a more relaxed approach to the songs, it’s more earthy." Archie Roach


Charcoal Lane, originally released in 1990, had a profound imact immediately. Charcoal Lane’s centrepiece, ‘Took The Children Away’, shone a stark light on the impact of the forcible removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, and brought it to the attention of the global community. The song won an Australian Human Rights Achievement Award (the first time the award was ever awarded to a songwriter).  Listen to 'Took The Children Away'.

The Songs of Charcoal Lane celebrates the anniversary of Archie's debut album and demonstrates that the words written 30 years ago are still as relevant and important as they were then.

The Songs of Charcoal Lane is out now. Order yourself a copy via Archie Roach's website. All proceeds are directly donated to the Archie Roach Foundation - for more information about the Foundation click here.



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