Mon 30 Jul 2018 to Sun 5 Aug 2018

by Cowboy Junkies


Formed in Toronto in 1985, Cowboy Junkies formed after guitarist and songwriter Michael Timmins, and long-time friend and musical partner, Alan Anton, recruited Michael’s sister, Margo and brother, Peter to join them.


It's now been 30 years since the band created their unique style of alt-country music featured on their second, seminal album The Trinity Session, a melancholic mixture of blues, country, folk, and rock featuring a collection of originals, covers and traditional songs.

Much has changed but their latest release, All That Reckoning, once again shakes and awakens the listener, with Kill Beat Music saying "it may be the most powerful album Cowboy Junkies have yet recorded."

Margo's vocals are intoxicating and bring the songs to life with lyrics like “I don’t want to see your shining teeth/ Show me your bruised and battered heart,” on the album's standout song 'Shining Teeth'. Combined with the rich guitar lines from Michael, and the gritty rock sounds, All That Reckoning has the ability to take the listener through time and back.


Freya Josephine Hollick - Mr One Time

Matthew Halsall and Gondwana Orchestra - Journey in Satchidinanda

Fat Freddy's Drop - Trickle Down

Cookin' on 3 Burners feat. Kaiit - Warning

Cecil Turbine - You Come

Little Ugly Girls - Tractor

No Mono - Violence Broken

Oliver Coates - A Church

KUSHT - Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby


This week's Top 10:


Cowboy Junkies - All That Reckoning
Freya Josephine Hollick - 'Mr One Time'
Matthew Halsall and Gondwana Orchestra - 'Journey in Satchidinanda' (re-issue)
Fat Freddy's Drop - 'Trickle Down'
Cookin' on 3 Burners feat. Kaiit - 'Warning'
Cecil Turbine - 'You Come'
Little Ugly Girls - 'Tractor'
No Mono - 'Violence Broken'
Oliver Coates - 'A Church'
KUSHT - 'Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby'